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  • What is EXMLDNet?
    EXMLDNet converts the Ninja Chunk Models for the SEGA Dreamcast and other SEGA games that use the Ninja Graphic Library into other formats readable by most PC modeling programs.

    ExMLDNet supports:
    -Importing of .NJ (Dreamcast Ninja Models) and MLD (Skies of Arcadia Container File).  It also unpacks .BML files (used in PSO), and does .PRS Compression/Decompression.  It does not decode the model data from any compressed sources, and will likely crash spectacularly when trying to do so.

    -Exporting to RAW triangles, Wavefront OBJ (Textures, no rigging), and Milkshape ASCII (Textures, Rigging).  Other output formats will be considered as the project matures.

    -Viewing the overall structure of the model in a tree like fashion.

  • Who Wrote it?
    Steven Pettit (Model Converter)
    Andrew Doane (PVRT Export Library)
    Syphos and DeathRabbit (BML Handling Source Code)
    Fuzziqer (PRS Compression Library)

  • How do you Install it?
    Simply unZIP the downloaded file, and run the installer.

  • How do I use it?
    Under the File Menu, you should have Convert, Scan, and Exit.  Convert does the conversion work, choose an input format, an output format, and a model scale - the model will be scaled by this number when exported.  Scan is the tree view of the model.  Models are listed by offset into the file.  Exit should be self explanatory.

    The Help Menu doesn't provide any at the moment.  However, it does display the current version and author in the output window.

  • And a few other odds and ends...
    -This requires the Microsoft .NET runtime 2.0 to run.  Get it from Microsoft.

    -This is Beta software, use at your own risk.  You have been warned.  The software was stable on my machine, and it really doesn't do anything to your system beyond installing itself into a directory, but you never know with Windows.

    -Why ExMLDNet for a name?  It's the name of the Class I wrote to handle a majority of the work.  It's also written in programming languages that use the .Net Common Language Runtime.

    -With Version 1.0 rc4a, the source code will be available for download.  It is written in VB .NET 2005.  It's not very readable.  However, any suggestions for improvements will be much appreciated...

    -"Your program sucks, I can write better!"  Feel free to do so.  The Documentation is out there, you just have to find it, like I did.

    -"Your program is awesome!"  Thank You!

  • Contact Information
    Send bug reports, suggestions, and praise to : kryslin at worldnet dot att dot net.

    (This page last edited 4 Feb 2008)

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