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Project Delphinus is an attempt to recreate a portion of the setting from the console RPG Skies of Arcadia using Half Life 2, with everything the same scale - Yes, I know - the map is HUGE.  The project is roughly half way done, with various portions in various states of completion, with the Delphinus externals being the most complete, and the exterior of the island being the least complete.

Initially, most of the reference materials were sketches from the game, and screenshots posted on the web.  These were, for the most part, inadequate, as some portions of the ship and island are never clearly visible in the game.  Also, for the most part, my attempts to duplicate the textures of the game, quite frankly, sucked.

So, there was a need for game materials (models and textures) for reference.  I had an image of the game on my PC, so all the data was sitting in front of me, I just needed to get it out of the game...

I dusted off my VB books, and began coding.  Within 2 weeks, I had a bulk texture ripper, which I only needed to run once, and I had all the reference textures I needed for the game.  This alone gave the project a tremendous boost.  Then, I hit some other snags, namely reference models for some items.

Again, the worldwide web provided the necessary information - I located the source code for a program called SA2DX, which read portions of the actual model files from Sonic Adventure 2.  I got a hold of the author, and development on MLDNet, my first model convertor, was on.  MLDNet never made it to release, as the IDE I was using burped one day, and took the core of my source code with it.

ExMLDNet would be 2 years in coming to beta relase, essentially recoded from the ground up, using object oriented programming.  It met the initial goals of the project in October 2007, and went into beta release and bug stomping.

So, Project Delphinus and ExMLDNet's development have gone hand in hand.  Developments in one lead to developments and refinements in the other.  I've gone from knowing next to nothing about OOP, to being fairly proficient with it.  My mapping skills with Valve's tools have also improved greatly as well.

It's been an interesting journey, and it's still not over yet.

NEW!  Download the Work In Progress! (The Map is for Half Life 2 : Episode 2)

Steve Pettit, 26 April 2008



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