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To Do List:

General Items
  • Bug Stomping has highest Priority.
  • Internal Model Viewer of some kind
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Use of Registry for Configuration Data
  • Actual, useful Help files and Documentation
  • More Control over Rigging Generation
  • More Control over Export in General
  • Full Support for NJ_VOLUME model chunks
  • Support for other (dotXSI and ma) ASCII file formats.
  • Animation Export from embedded motion data
Skies of Arcadia
  • Better Support for MLD files, including automatic scene assembly.
Phantasy Star Online
  • Automatic Assembly of Character Models
  • Support for .XJ models
  • Rebuilding BML and GSL files
  • Built In Support for PVM files
  • Automatic Model Search and Extraction for models files that do not conform to the NJCM specifications laid down by SEGA.

(Last Edited 03 Feb 2008)

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