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Version History
RC5, 06 January 2008  1300 Build
-Redesigned portions of the Interface
-Support for BML extraction and PRS Compression/Decompression
-Various Minor fixes and code streamlining

RC4a, 19 November 2007 0110 Build
-Fixed Localization Issue
RC3, 31 October 2007 0251 Build
-Fixed Problem with file names in multiple model extractions

RC3, 30 October 2007 1223 Build
-Fixed Unhandled Exceptions being thrown during the extraction process due to improperly handled data wihin the model itself.  Full support for NJ_VOLUME chunks will be forthcoming.

RC2, 29 October 2007 0105 Build
-Fixed Broken .NJ model conversion, and broken menus.

-RC1, 28 October 2007 1300 Build
-Initial release.  .NJ conversion broken, as is Model Scanning.

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